domenica 23 giugno 2013

Cubone staring at the stars

My brother asked me to paint him a bookmark, so I made him a little Cubone staring at the stars (:

martedì 11 giugno 2013

San Giorgio di Mantova BOOKS

A short account about my last exposition at San Giorgio di Mantova BOOKS. I finally got to sit peacefully in front the monitor, answer to the various mails and edit some pictures.
I spent two days sketching en plain air, meeting a lot of authors, editors and fantasy ethusiasts. We also held a conference about illustration - achieving a really positive feedback from the public. So I'm super satisfied! 
Next month (6-7 July '13) I'll hold another exhibition at Trezzo Folk & Fantasy, near Milan, so if you happen to be in the environs make sure to drop by and have a look around! Lots of folk music (KalevalaFolkstone and Midnight will be playing), historical reenactment, fanconry shows, stands etc.

Here are some pics from Mantua (click to enlarge) :)