mercoledì 9 aprile 2014


artwork for Fate of the Norns new game. Watercolour. "Who was Gulveig? This enigmatic goddess was the Vanir's secret weapon in the war with the Aesir gods. Her ability to intensify greed and despair allowed her to single-handedly bring the war to a crippling end. Hey magic drove the Aesir to bicker and fight with one another- to the cusp of civil war. Odin, in his infinite wisdom knew what had to be done. It is said that Odin's spear, the legendary Gungnir normally strikes foes dead on the initial blow... but in Gulveig's case it took three mighty and desperate blows to drive the life out of her body. Even then, fearing her regenerative powers, the Aesir gods created a molten pyre and burned her. Alas the inferno consumed her body, but failed to destroy her heart. And for some inexplicable reason, the trickster god Loki was drawn to it. Rooting through the ashes, he found her black heart and ate it. Loki's most heinous deeds would follow this calamitous event. Archaic fables speak that Gulveg will rise anew when a perfect storm of intense emotion beckons her back from beyond the veil!"

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